This is a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) company website utilising the "Angel Daily Incentive (ADI)" Programme through the strengthening of shared success using collective team work.

Any entrepreneur keen on the MLM Business can actually "enroll" as a member from to "own" a membership account in order to "share" the Company's daily sales revenue.

The ADI Bonus paid out is based on the Company's daily sales of products. It is a sales performance sharing pay out and is NOT GUARANTEED by the Company.

The Company's business MUST NOT be misconstrued as an investment AND the Company has never made any representation whatsoever that it is an investment company. Neither has the Company ever applied for any investment license(s).

Our business model is based solely on the products sales generated from the Company and with this the Company will allocate a portion of the total sales generated and these will be shared amongst all qualified Members.

If you are agreeable to the above stipulated clause, you can then proceed to participate in this website or you may exit from this website immediately if you do NOT agree to it.